The interactive, hand-drawn children's book for kids ages 2-7.

Follow Tom and his friend Mauf on their adventures. The sparkling fairy dust will guide the way into a mysterious world of talking mice, living toys, dragons and many more surprises.

1. Miceparty


Tom should have gone to bed a while ago. All of a sudden his little friend Mauf appears on his bedside.Tom and Mauf have experienced many adventures together. This time it is Mauf's birthday. He needs Tom's help to show his friends how to get into the castle. Of course they are hungry - they want yoghurt. On their way to get the yoghurt in the basement and to organize a great birthday party, Tom and Mauf run into Hugo, the ghost of the house, and face other difficulties. At the end of this adventure, Tom climbs into his bed, tired of all the commotion, but happy.

On ten pages, magical fairy dust shows the children where to tap. As soon as all objects are discovered and animated, a purple, magic sparkle will open a very special transition to the next page. The warm and grandfather-like voice of Tom Strauss takes one to a wonderful world of speaking mice, dragons and children's rooms who all of a sudden come to life. A story filled with surprises and secrets, which will capture you all the way to the last page. Not only at bedtime a beautiful trip into another world even for the youngest.

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